Alder / Knotty Alder

One of the most design friendly woods, alder varies from a golden brown to a reddish tan, is somewhat softer than other hardwoods and has a slightly uniform grain. Light plays off of alder in unusual ways giving each piece unique character.

Cherry / Rustic Cherry

Desired for its rich warm look, cherry is fairly hard and ranges in color from dark reddish brown to pinkish tan and has black mineral streaks or light gum spots. Over time cherry will darken giving it the rich look desired..

Maple / Rustic Maple (Hard)

Ranging in color from a light yellow to a light reddish brown with occasional mineral streaks, maple has a slightly uniform grain and is very hard with a smooth texture.

Rift White Oak

Used in Europe for the construction of ships until the 19th century, oak has great strength, and because of its attractive grain markings, oak is still often used in the construction of fine furniture.


Prized for its strength, color and beauty, walnut is usually dark, solid and has a tight grain. It is often used for furniture, flooring and gunstocks, and the color ranges from a dark tan to a dark chocolate.

High Density Fiberboard (HDF)

Flat and solid, HDF is an engineered lumber that is painted to produce a smooth quality surface. Because it is uniform and has a mild reaction to moisture, HDF is appropriate for many applications. Also, many people prefer using HDF over regular lumber because it has a lower impact on the environment.


Our Thermal-Fused Laminate is a great option that is durable and has little to no maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors and grain patterns and is commonly used in offices and schools. With the new range of colors and options, it is also quite popular in homes creating a contemporary or modern look.

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